Tafari Tribe Bio:

Origins of Tafari Tribe

At Tafari Tribe

"Our core focus is to create a distinctive shopping experience that satisfies both the fashionable and emotional shopping needs of our customers by offering them a vast, exciting assortment of in season styles and accessories combined with the convenience and value they desire."

"Tafari Tribe strives to be the outlet of choice for READY MADE designed skirts and dresses and accessories, with an Afrocentric flare by exceeding customers' expectations for selection, convenience and value."


How did the idea of Tafari Tribe come about?

The idea for Tafari Tribe came to me while I was attending FIT for fashion merchandising. I noticed that most of the designs I saw had their influence in the European and western culture. The clothing is the expression of us and it is important for us to identify with our clothing and our culture. When someone comes to me for a design inspired by our culture, they are identifying with our culture as well as contributing to it.

Tafari Tribe has been in the making for over 30 years. We’ve all done a stint in corporate America while cultivating our vision and growing our customer base through a collection of street fairs and high end cultural events like BAM: Dance Africa. Now that I am retired and I have my daughter Saidah involved, we’re able to focus more on the growth of our brand and creating a customer experience that brings customers back again and again. The part of our business that sets us apart is that we create and manufacture our own designs from conception to rack.

In what ways are you blazing new trails and impacting the world?


As a Veteran Cultural Designer for over 30 years, we’ve built strong relationships with fashion communities globally to create the designs that accurately depict our rich history as well as draw from and highlight some components of the “melting pot” that makes up our customer base. Our customer base is very broad comprised of Indians, Americans, Arabs, Asians, as well as people from all over Africa and the Caribbean. We provide a wide selection of cultural fashion with authentic fabrics from around the world depicting the styles of multi-cultural beauty across the African Diaspora.


What fashion trends have you noticed are occurring in the community?


Right now there is an increased demand for Dashiki tops and bottoms. We like to be up to date with the latest styles and trends for the seasons. So we incorporated the dashiki look in our own line and we discovered that we’ve been having a great response with our Indian and African Inspired outfits for the summer and fall.

What does the future of Tafari Tribe look like?


The future of Tafari Tribe is looking bright I would love to open up several shops maybe outside the country. Since we’re always traveling the world to keep up with the latest trends I know I definitely want a shop somewhere in Africa it would be very beneficial not only to us but everyone because we will just be bridging the gap.